TRIPLE PIX Global Payments with PIX

Global Payments Platforms meet the Brazilian Instant Payment System (PIX) como meio de pagamento e liquidação das suas operações

Triple PIX was created to connect payment platforms and marketplace that wish to use Brazilian instant payment system e (PIX), which is as a payment methods and settlement of their operations.

Currently, for the most payment gateways platforms offer the Pix, one of their options is to become a direct participant in the Brazilian Central Bank, but it is possible that it does not have economic strength that your corporation requires, bringing institutional insecurity.

Another option is to use Pix as a client of one of the regulated economic institutions in Brazil, which could end up making its commercial operation unfeasible due to the cost per operation.

Triple PIX provide a robust operational infrastructure that avoids liquidity pooling, draining resources according to your risk appetite, that is, regardless of the size of the Direct Participant that is representing you with Pix, Triple PIX will provide complete guarantee of receipt and operational liquidity of its transactions.

For payment gateways, international acquirers, and sub-acquirers, open the possibility to offer Brazilian consumers the option of paying establishments with the one of the most popular payment methods in Brazil, and for the shoppers, it promotes the immediate transfer of funds.